FAQ - frequently asked questions
Inicia Internet connection

Computer doesn't accept password when connecting and say's that the password is invalid

  • Verify your username and password with your "user card", where it is written.

  • Be careful with lower- and uper-case. Password is usually in lower-case and so is username.

  • Check if there are not some "unvisible" spaces after username or password. You can do this by pressing the End keyboard button - the cursor should jump exacly to the end of entered word.

  • If you have different username or password for PPP connection (that is verified after modem connection) and for e-mail access (that is verified when checking new e-mail) than check if you didn't mix them.

Modem refuses to start dialing after hanging up the telco line and computer writes "No dial tone", but I can hear that the dial tone is present.

  • Czech telco lines have often such a dial tone that modems can't recognize it. Select My computer, Control panel, Modems. Select your modem and choose Properties and Connection. There disable the check-box Wait for dial tone.

I want to download my new e-mail from somwhere else, through Internet using anther provider. What are the correct settings for that ?

  • You can access your mailbox from anywhere through Internet using any common e-mail program that can use POP3 protocol for downloading e-mail. Enter in it's configuration: address of POP3 server, username and password - your POP account and password as written on your "user card".

What are correct settings for using "proxy server" ?

  • You don't have to use proxy server, but we recommend that. It works as one big "cache" (several hundreds of MB in size) that stores copies of web pages that you browse to. If you visit the same page next time and it wasn't changed it is loaded much quicker from the proxy server. You can enable using the proxy server by Internet Explorer in Internet Options), Connection. There choose Use proxy server and click on Details. Enter address into http and 3128 into port.

If you need technical help call Inicia tel. 2 20 30 40 50.