Internet dial-up connection configuration in Windows 95

 This text is intended for helping with configuration of dial-up connection to Internet through Inicia.

What you need:

  • a telephone line
  • a modem (we recommend at least 28800 bps modem)
  • software for web browsing (usually Internet Explorer or Netscape) and for reading and writing e-mail (Outlook Express, Netscape, Pegasus Mail)
  • Windows installation CD-ROM (not necessary if everything needed is already installed or you have a copy of it on your hard disk)

Modem installation:  After connecting the modem to computer port (or installing the internal one) go to "My computer", "Control Panel", "Modems", "Add". Windows should be able to detect the modem type automatically. If it doesn't detect correct modem type and you have floppy disk with drivers for your modem than select "Change" and "Have Disk" and install the modem drivers from floppy disk.

  After installing the modem go to "Properties" of that modem and in "Connection" disable the "Wait for dial tone before dialing" check box, because modems may have problems with detecting dial tone on czech tel. lines.

Installation of dial-up adapter and network protocols  Open the icon "My Computer", "Control Panel" and "Network". If the "Dial-up adapter" is not listed in installed components then choose "Add", "Adapter" and again "Add". Find "Microsoft" in the list of manufacturers and "Dial-Up Adapter" in the list of adapters. Windows will install some protocols and clients for Microsoft Network that you don't need. We recommend to leave only the "Dial-Up Adapter" in installed componnents list and delete others using "Remove" and install the TCP/IP protocol using "Add", "Protocol", "Add", manufacturer "Microsoft" and protocol "TCP/IP". Windows may want the installation CD-ROM (if you don't have o copy of it on your hard disk) and after finishing the network configuration it will need restart.

Installation of dial-up networking  Now it's time to make sure the "Dial-Up Networking" folder is installed in "My Computer". If it is not there install it using "Control Panel", "Add/Remove Programs", "Windows Setup", with checking  "Dial-Up Networking" in "Communications", "Details".

Creating the connection  Now you will craeate the dial-up connection to your provider. Run the program "Make new connection" in "My Computer", "Dial-Up Networking". Enter a name for this connection - use Inicia. Choose the modem, click "Next" and enter the tel. number to provider -  that is tel. number 971117511 and  country "Czech republic" for Inicia. If you need to dial 0 to access outside line then add 0, before the number. After pressing "Finish" it should create icon named Inicia.

Configurating the connection  Now the last configuration before connecting to Internet.  Press the right mouse button on the created icon Inicia in folder "DialUp Networking". Choose "Properties" and in "General" check the "Server Type" - it should be PPP. Than there should be enabled only the "Enable software compression" and "TCP/IP" protocol. In the "TCP/IP settings" check if "Server assigned IP address", "Server assigned name server addresses", "Use IP header comperssion" and "Use default gateway" options are enabled.

The connection test

  To establish the connection double-click on the icon Inicia in "My Computer", "DialUp Networking" folder. Select "Dial Properties" and select the pulse or tone type of dialing for your tel. line. Enter your username and password for PPP (as written on your user card)  into "User name" and "Password". Press the "Connect" button for starting the connection. You should hear modems handshaking, see something like  "Verifying userneme and password". If you see a window with "Connection estabilished" it means that the connection is working. You can disconnect by "Disconnect".

Installation of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express  The Internet Explorer is part of the Windows system if you have Win98. If you have a newer version of Win95 (the SR2 ver.) than the Explorer is part of Windows installation, but may not be installed - it is possible to install it from the Windows installation CD-ROM. If you have the older version of Windows than you need to install it, usually from a CD-ROM.

  There is a program Internet Mail and News that is a part or Internet Explorer. In newer version there is Outlook Express, both very similar to each other. These can be used for elecronic mail (e-mail).

  For web browsing and e-mail you can also use another programs like Netscape Communicator.

The Internet Explorer configuration

  Here is not too much to change. For speeding up the web browsing you can use access through proxy server. Go to "View", "Internet Options", "Connection" and choose "Use proxy server", then "Advanced" and enter into "http" field and 3128 into port number field.

Configuration of Outlook Express

  Start the Outlook Express and go to "Tools" and  "Accounts", click on "Add" and "Mail". Enter your first and last name, your email address (as written on user card) into "Email address". Enter into "POP3 server" and into "SMTP server". Enter your POP username and password (also written on your user card) into "POP account name" and "Password". Enter Inicia when asked for "Account name". Select the "Using my phone line" type of connection and select the Inicia connection.

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